Expert Team

DTM Solutions consists of a team of ex-Bentley and ex-GEOPAK employees with a combined 450+ years of civil engineering experience.

Great Support

Support is available 24 hours a day for your civil projects and software. You can reach support via telephone, email, fax, Skype, web-sharing and lunch-and-learns.

Live Training

Training is delivered around the globe. You can choose to train on our ‘canned’ projects or on your live projects with local, state, federal or company standards so you can stay BILLABLE while training!

Core Services

  • Project Support

    DTM Solutions offers real-time support using a web-based interface for all Bentley™ and Autodesk™ software, training, standards, programming, and engineering, enabling a seamless connection for sharing project data and analyzing workflow issues.

    Support is available 24 hours a day for any version, of any software, on any project.

  • Engineering

    DTM Solutions is a full-feature civil engineering firm licensed in 4 states and currently specializing in 3D modeling, highway & road design, site development, hydraulic & hydrologic design & analysis and water & sewer utility design.  Our strategic affiliates are in 14 states and also provide surveying, inspection, construction and modeling,

    Our experience includes:

    Residential        Commercial
    Retail                  Industrial
    Office                  Military
    Institutional      Highway
    Mixed Use         Quarry

  • Standards

    A full set of ready-to-implement Microstation and GEOPAK standards come with every training class or can be purchased separately.

    The full set of standards, used in both design procedures and plan production, are in a “ready-to-go” format for quick and easy implementation at any time during any project.

    Clients needing a more customized approach receive an analysis of their current and future needs, and then standards are created and tailored specifically for each client’s situation.

  • Programming

    DTM Solutions brings you the best VBA programming from a team of dedicated programmers from around the country.

    VBA programmers customize your CAD interface to achieve your specific design and production functionality not currently available out-of-the-box.

    FREE programs are available for download.  Click here for a free Drainage Node Bypass Detector and here for the free Water-Sewer Node Report Tool.  Contact us for other free applications and custom programming.

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